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David Prosper

David Prosper is….

A warm smile, approachable, caring, and a nurturing heart are few characteristics to describe David. He believes that when leaders get better; families get better, communities get better, schools get better, the government gets better and the world gets better.

As the Founder & CEO of Shepherd Revolution – A Future Faith-based K-12 Leadership Academy. David was inspired by reading the Bible about how Jesus was a revolutionary leader and a revolutionary learner. And since then he has been on a mission to educate, equip, and empower people to transform their lives and the lives around them. His mission originated when he heard his mother say her last words “I wish I did enough” right before she passed away. Which fueled his vision to create a world where healthier families and communities are the new standard.

David is an award-winning speaker, National Speakers Association Graduate, TEDx speaker, Certified Leadership & Communication Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, 3x Collegiate Football Champion, Social Impact Entrepreneur, a disciple of Jesus, father, and husband.